Hello, fellow cat lovers! I think it’s about time that I tell you something about myself and my pets.

You might be wondering about who is behind all of the articles that you see here. Well, I have been thinking about revealing myself for quite some time now. I was hesitating because I feel like it is such a huge thing to reveal to everyone who I am.

But then again, I don’t really think it will matter if I reveal to all of you who I am. At the very least, it will give me the courage to give you personal accounts of my two cats.

Yes, I have two pets and both of them are British Shorthairs.

About me

So here I am, giving a name behind the articles that you have read here so far. I will not reveal everything about me but I can certainly give you enough so you can feel that, at the very least, we might have a connection because we all love cats.

My name is Linda. I am 28 years old and I am living in York. I work as a financial advisor from Monday to Fridays. In my spare time, well, you can say that my life revolves around my two cats. After all, I am still single and they are the family that I come home to every day.

I have to say that I was not a cat lover from the start. I am not really sure when my love for cats started. All I know is that my father used to pick up strays all the time. It used to drive my mother crazy but eventually, the cats grew on us. We always seemed to have cats with us. Usually, we always have at least three of them. Some of them will run away. Other stayed until their old age. Others were given away after my father had cared for them and made them strong enough for adoption.

I guess my love for my pets did not have a beginning. I certainly didn’t like them when my father first brought them home. But my curiosity overpowered everything else that I used to feel about cats. And I just got used to having them around. So I found myself unable to live without them.

About my cats

This is why as of now, I have 2 beautiful British Shorthair cats.

My first cat was a gift from my father. I named him Travis. That name makes me think of a very muscular person. Travis certainly had that powerful look about him. His broad face and coat make him look larger than his actual size. He is very very playful – which is scary sometimes because of his size. He knocks over a lot of things in my house! I had to remove a lot of the accents and decorations that I have. He also has the habit of squeezing in really really tight spots like behind a jar or the tv or between shelves. It is quite funny because he is big!

My second cat is another male – Leo. If I thought that Travis was playful, well I was in for a shock with this new guy. He makes Travis look tame. When I first brought him home, the other one was so scared of him. I didn’t think they would get along. Travis stayed on top of my cabinet and refused to come down for a week!

Eventually, I was able to coax him out and, well, he has gotten used to having a companion. Travis and Leo play sometimes and have grown to love each other. Travis seems reluctant at first but I know they get along just fine now.

I love my pets and I take really good care of them. I actually join a couple of cat exhibitions with them. Usually just one after the other. I almost always brought Travis with me but recently, I have been grooming Leo so he can be in the spotlight. I have brought him to the last two cat exhibitions that I went to because Travis is getting old and I don’t want to stress him out.

I hope to tell you more about my pets in the near future. If you have stories about your own, let me know!