This website will not be complete without facts about cats. So let me share with a couple of interesting and weird facts about our feline friends.

Interesting facts about cats

Let us start with the interesting facts, shall we?

They are natural hunters.

Cats have natural hunting instincts. In fact, they are better hunters than dogs. You can see it in their eyes. They have very distinct looking eyes – thanks to the vertical pupils. It allows them to see well even at night. The slit pupils enable them to see even if the light is dim

They do not purr when they are happy.

It sounds like happiness to us – or at the very least, contentment. But this is not always true. When we pet them, they purr. But when they are also stressed, they do the same. So you cannot really say that it is exclusively the sound of happiness.

They really do not like to listen to you.

They know their name but it is not a guarantee that they will come to you when you call them. At least, not the way dogs do it. Scientists believe that it is because they are not domesticated to be at the beck and call of humans.

They like being touched in certain parts.

If you want to please your cats, make sure you touch them on their face, specifically around their chins, cheeks, and lips. Do not touch their tail. That is a warning.

They cannot taste sweetness.

Isn’t that sad? They do not have taste buds for sweetness. To be all scientific about it, they do not have the amino acids that created the DNA that will allow them to detect sweetness. This is probably because they are meant to be carnivores.

Weird facts about cats

Now, why don’t we dwell on the weird facts about cats that we have seen so far?

Did you know that cats can drink salty water?

If humans did this, they will end up being dehydrated. But cats – well they can survive on sea or ocean water. Their kidneys can filter the salt from the liquid that they drink. This makes it a possible for them to use it to rehydrate themselves.

Did you know that cats are listed in the top 100 most invasive species?

We have mentioned how they are natural hunters earlier. Even the domesticated cats have contributed to the extinction of certain species. So if your cat spends a lot of time outdoors – well you better beware.

Did you know that cats do not have sweat glands?

They use their paws to sweat. This is how they cool off. This is why you see cats scratching or stretching on something, they are probably marking it as their territory.

Did you know that cats spend 70% of their lives asleep?

We all see them lounging all the time. This adds up to 70% of their lives. They are always asleep! In fact, the average time that they sleep each day is 16 hours. That should ease your worries whenever you leave them alone at home.

Did you know that Disneyland has 200 cats?

Seems weird right? After all, the primary character of Disney is a mouse. And they employ cats in every park. Do you want to know why? These cats are released into the park to hunt down rats.

What do you think about these facts about cats? Amazing, right?