The character and temperament of the British Shorthair is one of the reasons why it is one of the popular domestic cats in the UK.

Physically, this cat looks like a very powerful breed. After all, it is a medium-sized to large cat. The physical features of the cat is one that is heavily muscled with a round and thick appearance. The muscular neck, strong jaws, and broad chest gives off a powerful physique and appearance. Even the legs of a British Shorthair looks thick and exudes strength.

If you look at the history of this cat, you will realize that it bears all the characteristics of a cat that was meant to protect the house from rodents. With a coat that is thick and dense, you would think that it was meant to be a protection for this powerful looking cat.

But what exactly can you expect from a British Shorthair? What is its character and temperament like?

British Shorthair personality

Before you adopt any animal to be a part of your family, it is important that you know what their personality will be like. This will help you gauge if you can bring this cat into your home. After all, getting to know its character and temperament will allow you to determine how to take care of it properly.

Fortunately, this particular cat has a very pleasant personality. This makes it a great pet around people of all ages. They are very easy going. The British Shorthair also exhibits characteristics of being loyal, loving, and attached to all family members.

Like most cats, the British loves playing with their owners. However, they do not like constant attention. You will know that they want to play if they bring a toy to you. Learn how to read the signs so you will know if they are feeling playful or not. Sometimes, they might even prefer to just play on their own. If you want to play along, try to join in the activity slowly. If they take interest, they are in the mood to play with you. If not, then it is best to just leave them alone to play.

The British Shorthair is also very sweet-natured. They are also very devoted to their owners. This is actually a trait that makes them ideal for animal trainers. Although they may crave their time alone, they can tolerate enough physical interaction to make them a safe playmate for children.

How to live with a British Shorthair

So what about the character and temperament of the British Shorthair should you be careful with when you are living with them?

First of all, you have to be careful when you are picking them up or carrying them. You need to support their backside. If you just carry them and let their hind legs dangle, it will squeeze their abdomen. This is uncomfortable to them and they will react to it negatively.

What is great about these cats is they are not high-maintenance. They are primarily an indoor cat – so minimal grooming will suffice. They will require daily brushing to keep their coat shiny and remove any tangles. This is especially true when the season is changing. It affects the thickness of their coat.

You should be careful about their diet too. This particular breed is prone to obesity. You want to make sure their nutrition is carefully considered and controlled. It is also important that they get the exercise that they need. That means you have to learn how to identify when they are in the mood to play with you.

Now that you know the character and temperament of a British Shorthair, do you think they have a place in your family?