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Cats are some of the most amazing creatures. To have them as pets can really help improve one’s life significantly. Having these cats around can help with depression and anxiety. It is also believed that they can help lower the risk of certain ailments like heart problems and stroke. These cats are known to help boost both the immunity and overall quality of life of their owners.

About the British Shorthair cats

The British Shorthair is no exception when it comes to providing these benefits. It is a pedigreed version of the common domestic cat of the British. It has a somewhat chunky body, thick legs, short muzzle, round eyes, broad face, and dense coat. It usually has a blue-gray color and its eyes are copper in shade. Despite that common appearance, this breed has appeared in various colors and patterns over the years.

This cat is believed to be one of the most ancient among the other breeds. It was thought to have been brought to Britain by the invading Romans during the 1st century AD. With its friendly appearance and calm temper, this cat remains to be a very popular choice for a lot of cat lovers all over the UK. They are easygoing and very sweet in nature – making them a great option for all types of families.

This cat is often compared with two other pedigrees. One is the Scottish Shorthair. It is another domestic cat that has a distinct ear that folds forward – giving it an owlish look. But most of its features are quite similar to that of the British Shorthair – which is mostly rounded and broad. They are also both friendly and affectionate.

The other cat is the British Longhair. It is practically the same but as you may have guessed, it has longer hair. It is not really that long – more of semi-long hair compared to the other longhaired cat breeds.

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